The Story

Before the destruction of the Ancient World, the King of the world
sent Ten Spheres throught the world...
Their mystic powers have gived birth to numerous cities which
was more then wonderful.

Thoses civilisations were called ''The Atlantis''...
Each Sphere was holding the knowledges of the Ancient world...
It can allow the time travels and ressurect the deaths.

But, for many moons, a wicked force destroyed many countries...
People from Earth was sent to the Moon, March and Jupiter's
moons to escape from the evil...

Earth, the eternal paradise, loosed all it's interests,
and becomed hostile and all cryed in mourn of the original
living planet.

Aklanis, the great Moon City, went to it's
apogee and all believed that their gifts of happiness was eternal...
At the 38th century, the Moon world gived rebirth to the death Earth
and has been resurected... From this time, the new City of Altara
gived birth to numerous civilisations... Everybody got the faith
of a better life!

Xylvan must find the Ten Spheres on the great city of Altara.
The new Earth is now full of life and wonders.
Lights of Dreams IV: Up in the Clouds.
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