[Arrows]To move characters [X]To look Up.
[Z]To look Down. [B/Espace]To Jump.
[Shift]To Run. [F]To Attack.
[Entrée]To Talk. [Ctrl]To Protect.
[P]Tu move statues. [Entrée]Toogle lever.
[G]Switch French/English. [C]Camera's Mode changes.
[F1]For the save/load menu. [F2]For help.
[F3]Toogles music. [F4]Toogles the fireflies.
[F5]Toogles water effect. [F6]Toogles glowing effect.
[F7]Chooses the nbr. of grass. [F8]Chooses the nbr. of leaves.
[F9]Choose the type of tree size. [F10]Chooses the nbr. of stars.
[1]Back Item. [2]Next Item.
[3]To Use the Current Item. [I] or [4] To Show/Changes the Item's Panel.

[6]To Show Statistics. [9]Toogle the Map.
[Page Up]Choose the object
[End]Xylvan looks forward.

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Lights of Dreams IV: Up in the Clouds.
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